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design and construction

BMW shift levers come in 4 different forms

Prior to 1979 From 1979 to 1989 From 1989 to 1996 From 1997

2 piece lever the upper cast iron lever features a screw on knob and is isolated from the welded inner lever with rubber bushings. At 179 mm it is quite long with a skinny neck. But it is rigid. It freely rotates around the inner lever .A removable thermoplastic bushing is used. Exploded view

Uses a two piece lever system. A soft 1mm thin spun aluminum upper lever that features a snap on knob and that is isolated from the welded inner lever with rubber bushings. Upper lever length between 157 and 179mm. Much weaker than its predecessor, it has locking grooves that prevent it from rotating around the inner section. Non replaceable thermoplastic bushing

1 piece lever. The soft spun aluminum upper lever is quite stronger because of its shape and is vulcanized to the welded lower lever. Length varies wildly from about 157mm to as much as 200mm. It uses non-replaceable thermoplastic bushings. German made it is the strongest of the factory levers

1 piece lever similar construction as the previous design. It uses a thermoplastic ball molded on the welded lower lever. Length varies. It features vulcanized construction and non-replaceable thermoplastic bushings. Made in France, this lever has quite a bit of flex in it due to the softer than usual insulation. On the 850i the bottom of the lever is crimped for more rigidity

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